Steven C. Wyer | Moz Yelp Partnership an Industry First

Moz recently announced a new partnership with consumer review site Yelp that allows customers to manage data and claim listings directly through Moz Local, reports Steven C. Wyer. Third Coast Interactive, Inc’s Wyer says this comes on the heels of another major upgrade for Moz customers, advanced duplicate detection.

According to Steven C. Wyer, new Moz Local packages were unveiled in November 2016 and integrate with a number of important business tools, including Google My Business and Apple maps. Reputation monitoring and management, along with listing alerts, remain an essential feature in the Moz lineup of services, says Steven C. Wyer.

The partnership between Yelp and Moz Local is the first of its kind, reports Steven C. Wyer, and one that will enable marketers to use Moz data management tools to manage Yelp listings directly from the Moz Local control panel.

What’s new?

Steven C. Wyer reports Moz users now have the ability to easily manage Yelp listing data, making it more likely they will be found through local and map searches. Businesses can use their existing Yelp login information through Moz Local to claim and manage their listings. Notably, says Steven C. Wyer, all listings owned by SBMs, sole proprietors, or corporations can be managed in one place.

A newly-introduced activity feed works with the Moz dashboard to help businesses monitor their listings and updates.

According to Steven C. Wyer, these new advanced Yelp functionalities – active management and claiming functions – work to complement the company’s existing reputation management services, which notify users of Yelp reviews. Steven C. Wyer also notes that small fragments of text from these reviews are viewable from inside of the Moz Local dashboard. A direct link to the review takes page managers straight to Yelp where, Steven Wyer explains, he or she can respond to customer feedback without additional logins.

Why is this important?

Steven C. Wyer notes that Moz is one of the largest online marketing companies in the country, employing hundreds of people in a diverse range of fields. A partnership with Yelp – one of the largest review sites in the country – only makes sense. Yelp is considered by most experts, including Steven C. Wyer, as one of the most authoritative citation sources in the vast and ever-evolving local SEO ecosystem. Yelp data, asserts Wyer, is critically important to Yahoo, Amazon Alexa, Bing, and Apple Maps/Siri users, which use Yelp’s reviews and location data for their own search results.

How does it work?

Moz Local customers will provide the business email address associated with their Yelp page, reports Steven C. Wyer, and bulk claiming is included, which will be especially valuable for companies with multiple locations.

Once the Yelp page or pages have been claimed on behalf of the Moz Local user, the user will have the capability to efficiently and effectively monitor and update those pages. According to Steven C. Wyer, Moz Local Premium, Moz Local Professional, and Moz Local Essential will all offer active location data management for Yelp listings.