Q & A with Steven C. Wyer | Google Business Services

In this brief Q & A, Steven C. Wyer of Third Coast Interactive touches on Google My Business, AdWords, and location extensions as a means of advertising.

Q: Does Google My Business work for mobile users?

Steven C. Wyer: Google My Business allows a business owner to have products or services found via mobile or desktop. It uses location extensions such as Google Maps to help customers easily contact and navigate to their desired location. Google My Business features a number of enhancements including 360° virtual tours, reviews, and social media.

Q: What is a location extension?

Steven C. Wyer: Location extensions work behind the scenes to target customers within a specific geographic location. They are an important component to localized marketing. Businesses who do not utilize location extensions may lose customers to those that do.

Q: What is PPC marketing?

Steven C. Wyer: PPC, or pay per click, marketing is a method of advertising where a company only pays when their content has been accessed by a consumer via search engine results or banner ads. Pay per click marketing products such as Google AdWords list a client’s business relevant to specific search engine queries. For example, fictitious New Orleans-based Sample Coffee Co. would place an ad tagged with “New Orleans coffee shops.” When a Google user inputs that search term, Sample Coffee Co. would show up as a top result with the option to have a more prominent display to the side. Google AdWords users have complete control over their marketing costs and posted content.

Q: How do I sign up for a Google My Business/Google AdWords account?

Steven C. Wyer: Business owners may sign up for Google’s advertising services by visiting business.google.com. Here, they will be given the option to open up a free Google My Business account and add premium paid Google AdWords content.